GT5 vs Top Gear and the Data Logger

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For those of you who didnt know, the Toyota Motor Corperation have created a system with Gran Turismo allowing you to track with excellent precision your car whenever you race round any track in the world. What this does is enable you to save your “actual” lap onto a usb stick so you can then plug it into your PS3 and watch the replay on Gran Turismo 5 which of course means you can study it or even race the ghost.

So now the intro is out of the way time to get on with my blog.
I just recieved a new video of a lap around the Fuji curciut where they tested the “Data logger”  and it looks like it actually works. The reason it works so well is not only because of the acurate GPS tracking of the car but the system also has data feeds from each individual wheel aswell as G force, accelerator, and brake giving the tracking system the absolute highest accuracy.

(Notice how everything there in real life is there in the game, And watch the hands = AMAZING Video thanks to

Will we see this on the TV show Top Gear?

Watching this video just tells me that Polyphony (makers of Gran Turismo) once again are pushing the boundries between real racing and gaming. What i wanna see is Gran Turismo work with the BBC on Top Gear in the form of all us lucky Playstation 3 gamers with GT5 being able to watch top gear on sunday night and then download the Stig’s lap in what ever car he’s in that week on Gran Turismo 5 and then spend all week trying to beat it on the Gran Turismo 5 Top Gear track. I do remember hearing a rumour that the TG track was to be included in the game as Yamauchi (GT creator) is a massive fan of the show. (update! the top gear track i’m told was the first track to be confirmed. thanks to J from gtplanet.)

News of the GT/Toyota data logger just blows me away. How many more cool features like this do Polyy have in store for us? While everyones bangin on about “the messed up” and “whens the game coming out”, even though im dying to play the dam game im sure they’re just building the best game of all time which will set all kinds of new records.


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