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How To Create an Awesome Burger Photograph.

First of all you need an awesome burger so I will be using the Sally’s Bar Half Pound Gormet Burger, complete with a bucket of chips, coleslaw, onion relish and salsa dip.

Buger photo light set-up

This is the same set-up but this time photographing a Baileys CheeseCake dessert

I started by stacking one table on top of another to raise the plate to reach the Sally’s Sign in the background (Created by me and a friend named Dave) I then clamped my desk lamp to the table with a 140 watt light bulb in it and shined it on the burger without lighting the back wall too much as the background already has LED lighting.

I used my Canon 600d with 50mm 1.8 lens for the shot and only used some minor tweaking in Light room to adjust the colours a little and also raised the exposure on the chips as they were a little dark. I do plan to acquire more lighting but you just gotta work with what you’ve got. I do plan to purchase or make a couple of soft-boxes in the future to create even better images but even with just one light and a little ambient light from the room I feel rather proud of what i have achieved here.

burger settings

Camera settings for the shoot

I also used my home-made camera board with castor wheels to create some smooth video dolly-shots as I plan to also make some nice advertisement videos later on in the year when I have more free time which I’m very excited about and can’t wait to share here on my blog.


Sallys Bar (Ipsos, Corfu) Half Pounder Gormet Burger

Sallys Bar (Ipsos, Corfu) Half Pounder Gormet Burger

Want to taste this Burger?

Come and try one at Sallys Bar , Ipsos, Corfu

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