How I PhotoBombed Google Maps Street View

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I felt it was necessary to share How I PhotoBombed Google Maps Street View.

One afternoon after finishing at Sally’s Bar (Ipsos, Corfu) I popped in to AB (the local supermarket) and just before starting up my scooter to go home and relax I noticed an odd car coming my way.

It had a strange looking pole with a football looking object extruding from its roof. It only took me a few moments and I realised it’s the Google Maps Street View Car.

Google Maps Street View car Google Maps Street View car


My moment has arrived, This is the time I will be immortalised (for approx 3 years until they do it again) into Google Maps Street View. My face is blurred out due to legal requirements which kind of sucks but I still recognise myself and I’m Happy with that. There are lots of things you could think of to do when the cameras come your way but you don’t have much time to act, so I threw up my “Lets Rock” hand gestures as the car was passing hoping I get to one day see myself appear on Google’s Street View.

About a week ago while not at all thinking about the event I was checking out something on Street view in the area and thought I’d see if it had been updated……..

To my surprise….

PhotoBombed Google Maps Street View 2

Click Here to see it LIVE
Posted May 18 2015
(I may not appear if Google Update this street view)

Have You?

Have you PhotoBombed Google Maps Street View? If you have please leave a link below to your photo or street maps page, I’d love to see what you were doing when the car rolled by.

If I get this opportunity again in the future, what should I do next time? Got any great ideas? Please comment below.

Thank you for reading ” How I PhotoBombed Google Maps Street View”

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