Ipsos Autumn Sunrise Corfu

Ipsos Autumn Sunrise Corfu

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12227413_10153640245976291_1148444670_oI very recently acquired a Sony A7 and after a full 2 days of playing with it and updating the firmware I noticed theres an app market with a time-lapse feature. Hmm I thought to myself, capturing a timelapse can be a lot of work. First you have to make a lot of calculations to get your frame number and exposure just right but then it will still be a number of hours before you see the final video clip.
Now, its only my first time-lapse using this ¬£7.99 app from the Sony Entertainment Network store so there are many more tests for me to do with it but so far …. I like it.

The camera outputs a video straight away. I think there’s an option to save the separate images as-well as the video file but for this instance I chose Just Video.

So the other morning I ventured out to the beach and set up the Sony A7 using the Time-Lapse app and also set up my GoPro Hero 1 on the egg-timer rig which then allowed me to walk around with my trusty Canon. I remember when I tried my first few timelapses, I only had the 1 camera and so for the time I was out there I had nothing to do but sit there and watch my camera. Its SO NICE having multiple cameras to allow me some freedom to take other images and Video.

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