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It’s OK to have a 3-way

Hot on the heals of the latest Lonely Island album release (Turtleneck & Chain) we see Justin Timberlake, Lonely Island and Lady GaGa team up for another SNL classic. Can’t wait to download this one.

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I LOVE this piss take of a Pastor supposedly healing people with some fight game style sounds thrown in. If you ever played a game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter and you have a sense of humour you have to check this out.

Cooking with Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen sometimes seems on another planet these days but every now and again he brings the gold. Ladies and Gentlemen THIS! is gold.  So click play, then full screen and enjoy your cooking lesson from Sir Tigerblood himself. Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen

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More Guns, More Guns, More Guns!

In case you haven’t seen this dude’s work online before let me introduce you to Freddie Wong who attended the USC School of Cinema-Television and uses his youtube channel to show the world tricks to make our videos look amazing and when he makes videos that look this good, it’s impossible not to want more.   Epic VFX Time Behind the …

Fun Fun Fun on COD-BO

It’s always great to see what new ways of playing a game can be found by using headsets and a lil communication.

Meet Marcus

At E3 Jack Tretton introduced us all to the new kid behind the PSP and this kid goes by the name of Marcus. Check out the video and watch the 2nd ad which is my favourite out of the 2. Step your game up ;)

PSN+ Beta Exclusive!

Just a quick look ahead at one of the many features that will be available to PSN+ subscribers. The PSN+ will be available in the USA from June 29th at $49.99 for a 12 month subscription with 3 months free included in the 12 month package. PSN+ USA info And PSN+ will be available in the UK and Europe from …