I’m moving my site

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RobGroove.com has been hosted on a friends server for the last 10 years but now it is time to take the big step and move to my own paid hosting. I’d just like to give Iggy a HUGE thanks for …

Now on FaceBook!

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Help and Support RobGroove.com Bon jour all Got a PS3,  love all things tech, or you just  follow this blog? if the answer is yes to any of those then you can help me help you by following this blog …

Great White Britain

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Slightly off my usual topics but had to post this when i saw it. Global warming everybody seems to think but i think its all down to the 300 year weather cycle which if true means 4 or 5 more …

Welcome to the new site

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Welcome to RobGroove.com Rob Grooves Personal blog giving you the most important playstation 3 and technology news on the net. http://www.robgroove.com  <click the link for the main page